About SES

What We Do and Believe


SES provides customized curriculum solutions for schools. While we have several pre-developed courses, every course can be customized to meet your school's goals, standards, and budget.

At SES, we believe that you the teachers, the administrators, the state department personnel are more qualified than anyone to determine what is taught in your program. We respect your decisions about curriculum and standards and will make adjustments to meet your needs rather than asking you to adapt your needs to match our products.

SES believes in providing customized solutions that correlate to your standards, utitlize your existing equipment, and meet your community needs for the same price or less than pre-packaged solutions.

At SES we believe the teacher can teach students better than software or a video. SES courses are designed to be teacher-directed and student-centered. We provide tools for the teacher along with tutorials, instructions, and reference materials for the students to supplement the teacher's instruction.

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